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We are a group of believers who love the Lord Jesus and love to fellowship together. Because of our love for the Lord we can and do extend that love to all of mankind. On any given Sunday, up to an hour after the service you can see people still interacting together.

We have a good mixture of worship, prayer and preaching on Sunday mornings. We have many children that attend here and have a dedicated group of people that love to teach them on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evening. From young to old, there are many talented people in the area of music.

Our heritage stems from the radical group known as the Anabaptist. You can read about what this group went through in a book called Martyrs Mirror. Martyrs Mirror the classic 1660 Dutch religious history, memorializes the godly lives and glorious deaths of thousands of early Christians, especially European Anabaptist martyrs between 1524 and 1660. The book shines a mirror on ordinary people who experienced a spiritual reality that few today can even imagine. Like the more famous Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, this compilation attempts to trace the history of those through the centuries, beginning with the martyrdom of Christ’s apostles, who were willing to stand alone for a simple, obedient faith.