As I look at the dreariness of the past several of days, it’s so easy to be quick to complain about the amount of clouds and rain we have had and the lack of sunshine. As I was reading recently in

Isaiah 55:10-11, it references rain and how it comes down and refreshes the earth so that the seeds grow and so we may eat.


It goes on to make a comparison to the word of God how it goes forth and what it accomplishes. There are many verses in scripture that talks about God’s words. In the first chapter of John it refers that Jesus is the Word, John 1:14. In Heb. 4:12 it speaks of how active it is in our lives.


Wow, God’s word compared to our words, there is no comparison. Our nature is to us words to complain, argue and on occasions to praise. We are reminded in Matt. 12:36 that we will give an account for every word.


May we carefully choose our next words




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