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Shelter the Weak

By Elder Marcus Steury

Photo by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan on Unsplash

Many of my thoughts today concerned the situation of unrest and war in Ukraine. It is hard to imagine the feelings of loss, pain, sorrow, and grief that many people in Ukraine, and those with loved ones there are experiencing. Most people living in the United States today have not experienced any type of invasion in this country, but if it happened, what would be our response as believers and followers of Jesus? How SHOULD believers respond?

Events in Ukraine also challenged me to think about the less fortunate people all around us. Am I responding to their needs appropriately or even at all? Today I was reminded that as a follower of Jesus, I should be responding and acting with love and compassion for “the weak and the fatherless”.

Destitute, according to one dictionary, is defined as “without the basic necessities of life.” What about the destitute? Am I supporting the destitute? There are millions of people throughout the world who lack the basic necessities of life. Over 1 billion people in the world live without adequate housing, and over 100 million people in the world are homeless. Church, let’s rise up together to make a difference.

Brothers and sisters, spend much time in prayer for the people of Ukraine, and for the weak, the fatherless, the afflicted and the destitute throughout the world. Ask the Lord what you should do. I believe that the Lord will show each of us ways that we can do better in our care for the people around us if we truly seek His face, His Word, and His will.

By: Marcus Steury

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