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Mission & Values

The mission of our church is for each member to know Jesus Christ and make Him known through worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry and fellowship

Vision Statement

  • We envision a church that is motivated by a constant love for Jesus and neighbor; reaching out in love to touch those who are hurting, gone astray, and those who do not know Him.
  • We envision a church where people’s lives are rebuilt, by being born from above and becoming a living spirit and having their citizenship placed in Heaven.
  • We envision a church that empowers gifted men to teach and preach God’s Word with the anointing power of the Holy Spirit; so that each individual can be spirit led, grow in grace, and become Christ like.
  • We envision a church where people lead holy and godly lives, being a testimony to others; enabling them to know the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We envision a church where there is fellowship in the Lordship of Jesus Christ among believers of every background, nationality or race.
  • We envision a church were sin is lovingly and caringly confronted, with a goal for full restoration into the fellowship of the believers.
  • We envision a church that is truly the living body of Christ, where each member sincerely admonishes and edifies each other.  
  • We envision a church that is truly a praying church; where prayer becomes the work of ministry versus a church that just prays.

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Our Location

237 West Arthur Street
Hicksville, OH 43526