A Tiny Spark…

I was rather disgruntled when I came home after a long day of work last week to find that our air conditioner was no longer performing its singular purpose of keeping our house cool. Fearing the worst, I began bemoaning the amount of money that I was about to part with in order to restore cool air to my house. After some investigation I noticed that my condenser unit was completely frozen over. No matter how hard the fan blew, the ice was blocking its path and keeping the cool air from reaching the couch where I was hoping to park my tired body. Recognizing my propensity to forget to change filters I decided to begin my diagnosis there. Sure enough, the filter was clogged with those awful little dust bunnies. That one cheap, clogged filter had inhibited the airflow enough to keep the entire system from working properly. Several dollars for a new filter and our home is once again a delightful sanctuary from this summer’s stifling heat.  

This happening caused me to reflect on how so often it’s the little things that lead to success or failure. One small indulgence, neglecting to spend time with the Master, focusing our attention on the wrong things can lead to dire consequences in our lives. The most hardened criminal, began his life of crime with one small, seemingly inconsequential act. In the same way, one tiny act of love, a spark of kindness, a peaceful response can catalyze great movements of good will. Speaking specifically about the tongue as one of those little things that can mess with the “entire system” James 3:5 states that “a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire”. One little spark is all that it takes! What are those little things in your life that need attention? How might paying attention to those little things keep disaster at bay or set off a chain reaction of goodness?  



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