Lacking Nothing

Psalms 34:8-10

As human beings it seems that we always seem to be lacking in something.

We lack sleep, so we spend thousands of dollars on a mattress so that we may be able to sleep. The #1 rated mattress Puffy Lux Made in the USA, customers say it’s like sleeping on a cloud. Featured on Consumer Reports, Puffy LUX is ranked the most comfortable mattress by multiple review sites.

We lack stamina because of lack of intake of fluids. We need to have a certain amount of fluids in our body to fight viruses and other diseases too. We also need required amount of fluid to stay energetic and to burn those calories. We make sure that we take enough fluids so we have stamina.

Palms 34:10 talks about how Lions’ are strong, fierce, and crafty, yet they hunger; men of the world are also very cunning and full of self-confidence, yet they are not satisfied.

But humble believers, though often weak, and in the world’s judgment, very foolish, are yet blessed with every needful blessing by their gracious God.

God cares for us. 1 Peter 5:7


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